JET8 is a decentralized mobile engagement network connecting influencers, audiences and brands through the value of social currency. 【icoreview2018】

Havven ICO

Havven is a decentralised payment network and stablecoin. It allows anyone to transact using a stable cryptocurrency.【icoreview2018】

Metronome ICO

Metronome is the world’s first cross-blockchain cryptocurrency, making decentralization possible and delivering institutional-class endurance. 【icoreview2018】

Electrify.Asia ICO

Building an intelligent energy ecosystem. Electrify is the first retail electricity marketplace in Southeast-Asia addressing the need for transparency and security in the consumption of energy.【Icoreview2018】


TE-FOOD, the world’s largest farm-to-table food traceability system is moving to blockchain. PRICE $14,306,408OF $19,400,000 (74%) WEBSITE TOKEN SALE: 22 FEB – 22 MAR Ticker: TFOOD Token type: ERC20 ICO Token Price: 1 TFOOD = 0.0500 USD Fundraising Goal: 19,400,000 USD (22,924 ETH) Sold on pre-sale: 14,400,000 USD Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 Available for Token Sale: 56% Whitelist: YES (SINCE 2 FEB, JOIN ) Know Your Customer (KYC): YES …

Thrive ICO

The Thrive Labs Team is launching a revolutionary Premium Decentralized Advertising Marketplace that breaks up Google’s AdWords monopoly.【icoreview2018】

Dragon ICO

A new digital currency, funded upon Ethereum Blockchain system and strongly underpinned by a substantial gaming business in Macau.【icoreview2018】

AdHive ICO

World’s first AI-controlled Influencer Marketing platform. Our service offers a fully automated, blockchainbased solution for mass placement of native video ads on influencers’ channels. PRICE $5,491,749OF $15,000,000 (37%) WEBSITE TOKEN SALE: 21 FEB – 14 MAR Ticker: ADH Token type: ERC20 ICO Token Price: 1 ADH = 0.17 USD (0.00020 ETH) Fundraising Goal: 15,000,000 USD Sold on pre-sale: 5,491,749 USD (UP TO …

PolySwarm ICO

PolySwarm is the first decentralized marketplace where security experts build anti-malware engines that compete to protect you. PRICE $50,000,000GOAL WEBSITE TOKEN SALE: 21 FEB – 23 MAR Ticker: NCT Token type: ERC20 ICO Token Price: 1 NCT = 0.0271 USD (0.00003 ETH) Fundraising Goal: 50,000,000 USD Available for Token Sale: 70% Whitelist: YES (SINCE 5 FEB, JOIN ) Know Your Customer (KYC): YES Сan’t participate: USA Bonus …